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Welcome to Plumbing Systems

PLUMBING SYSTEMS LTD. is a registered company and was incorporated on 9th September 2004. The company mainly deals with following activities.

a) Plumbing, Drainage and fire protection services.

b) Supply and installation of Jet waste water treatment plants.

c) Building Construction.

d) Supply of Materials – Hardware and all building requirements.

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We enforce strict policies to ensure standards are met from all our departments to satisfy our customer needs. We believe in professionalism in all our work and are always striving for continuous improvement in what we do, .


Led by a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and graduates alike, PSL boasts rich experience in individual departments. This experience has translated into several high profile projects.


We are highly committed. Committed staff, committed to our projects, committed to improve ourselves, committed to deliver consistently.


Over the years, we have seen progress in every aspect of our business be it financially or the projects we carry out. The growth compliments our investment in skills, assets and reward for customer satisfaction.